kelly clarkson week on idol

Next week, the theme on American Idol is Kelly Clarkson and I am jazzed. So many great songs! If I picked the songs for the contestants (ranked in order of my current voting preference), I would choose:

  1. Tyanna – Walk Away  
  2. Clark – Stronger  
  3. Joey – My Life Would Suck Without You  
  4. Quentin – Since U Been Gone  
  5. Nick – Heartbeat Song  
  6. Qaasim – Because of You  
  7. Jax – Miss Independent  
  8. Rayvon – Behind These Hazel Eyes  
  9. Daniel – Catch My Breath  

The lowest vote getter doesn’t get to perform this season and I’d be fine with not hearing Daniel, Rayvon or Jax next week. Meh. I could take or leave all of them.

My biggest question is who will choose the fast songs and who will go with the ballads. None of the contestants have Kelly’s vocal range so they can’t sing just like her but I am excited to hear how they interpret the songs.



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