I had an idea for a story in the shower this morning.

Maybe this has been done before but I don’t think I’ve ever read anything like it… It would be told in different, interspersed parts – 1) first person, woman working on a novel that is heavily influenced by the events in her real life, including falling for her editor and the ups and downs of their relationship, and 2) excerpts from that novel and communication with the editor about the book, with proofreading and notes and input from his perspective of their relationship. 

Now, I just have to figure out how to write it. 

I write for a website that produces the kind of fast, fluffy content that old grizzled newspapermen write condescending editorial pieces about in the Wall Street Journal, bemoaning the current state of capital J Journalism. “Listicles” is the bulk of what I do all day – you know, those pieces you see shared on your aunt’s Facebook wall with numbers in the title like, 10 Puppies That Think They’re Kittens, 12 of the Most Tumblr Things to Ever Tumblr, 25 Epic Moments from Beyonce’s VMA Performance.

I used to work for a site that shared other people’s content and I would write an attention grabbing “click-bait” headline. I was called a curator at that job. As if I worked at a museum or something. Fancy title, considering I once was responsible for posting a video of a subpar children’s dance recital with the headline, Everyone doubted her but this 4-Year-Old will blow your mind

I didn’t feel great about myself.

Not that I’m going to win a Pulitzer anytime soon for listicles but it’s fun, I like the company (most of the time) and my co-workers (although most are babies). Seriously, most of the people I work with are right out of college, looking like fresh-faced 15 year olds. It’s enough to make you feel like you have kids, even though I’m only about 5-10 years older than most people. There’s also the small fact that I’m so painfully single and childless that the actual idea of having kids is both terrifying and hilarious to me at this point of my life.

When I was right out of college, my job now wasn’t a thing. I could never have imagined I’d make money doing this but alas, here I am at 30 and getting paid enough to basically make rent every month. Plus, I have time to work on my novel that I’ve been attempting to finish for the better part of a decade. It’s so easy for me to slap together nonsense with my name on it that gets shared and seen by thousands of people every day but I keep hitting road blocks when I try to get words on paper for my own story.


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