fall 2014 TV roundup: Sunday Funday

For my last entry in this thread, I’m skipping ahead to Sunday because I don’t watch anything live on Friday (although they have moved Glee to Fridays, which means I have another show that I watch sometime during the weekend) and only watch SNL on Saturdays.


I love Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It’s hilarious, a true ensemble and feels fresh to me every week. I was worried when I heard Andy Samberg was going to star in his own TV show because I didn’t love his character work on SNL (beyond his stellar Mark Wahlberg impression and his work with the Lonely Island).

“Say hi to your mother for me.”


I also knew his movie roles, with the exception of the understated Celeste & Jesse Forever and a great small role in I Love You Man, were broad and not really my taste (see Hot Rod and That’s My Boy). But wow, Mike Schur has the magic touch. Everything he is involved with becomes one of my favorite shows – The Office, Parks and Rec, and now Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I even give him partial credit for the success of my beloved Mindy Project because of his friendship with Mindy Kaling. God bless you, Mose.

Here, enjoy some Brooklyn Nine-Nine gifs:



I feel like I’ve said my piece about Mulaney in the past so I won’t go into it here other than to say – it’s not so bad that I can’t watch it. I think some people have made it sound like it’s a truckload of garbage. It’s not. I am just disappointed by it every week because I know how funny he is and the show is just blahhhh.

Mulaney, the human, is great. Watch his stand-up, please. Looks like Fox is burning off the episodes at 7:00 PM on Sundays so I doubt it will see a second season but if there was going to be, a major retooling would be required.

Still love you, John. Thanks for being dreamy and a really nice guy when we met. I will continue to follow your comedy (and you, your wife and your adorable puppy on Instagram.)


Oh, Revenge. I’ve pretty much stopped watching this season because it was too much of the same, although the twist at the end of last season was pretty awesome. (No spoilers.) It’s campy fun but not enough for me to watch live and I found even though I was recording it, I was just not getting around to watching the episodes. I occasionally read recaps to keep me up to date on what’s happening and maybe during the summer, I’ll binge on Hulu or something but for now, I know that Emily will keep scheming, Nolan will be quippy, everyone will dress fabulously and I’m sure at least one more person will die this season. #drama

We don’t subscribe to HBO currently (we have done 3 free months here and there in the past) but like, many other Americans, have a friends’ HBO Go password so I can actually watch this season of Girls and the new show, Togetherness. The first episodes of both shows this season were good – not amazing but I’ll probably keep up with the episodes as the season goes on. And when Veep and Silicon Valley come back on Sundays in April, we’ll watch those too.

That’s it for my fall TV posts… and it’s about damn time, considering it’s January. 🙂


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