fall 2014 TV roundup: TGIT

continuing my day by day breakdown of fall TV… we’re up to Thursday night!


ABC this year has a new marketing slogan for their Thursday night line-up: TGIT. Thank God It’s Thursday. A play on their beloved 90s TGIF Friday night block, Thursday night has been taken over by Shonda Rhimes. From 8:00 PM until 11:00 PM, ABC is all ShondaLand, all the time. 

Up front, I will say that I do not regularly watch the first two hours of this block. Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal are both shows I have enjoyed in the past but are not watch every week shows for me. When Grey’s debuted, I watched religiously for the first 3 seasons. I remember we would have watching parties in college and obsessed over George and it was great. But somewhere around the George and Izzie pairing, I started losing interest. Plus, the time slot shift from Sunday to Thursday pitted GA up against my beloved NBC Thursday shows like The Office and I found that I would much rather laugh than cry when it comes to my entertainment. I have caught episodes here and there over the years – I watched the plane crash, I went through a binge catch up on Hulu a few summers ago of more recent seasons and I watched Cristina’s last episode in real time. But Seattle Grace is just not must-watch for me anymore.

I have always been hit and miss with Scandal. I avoided the first season. The ads were over the top and I had other things to watch at the same time. But the buzz on Twitter swayed me to try it out over the summer between seasons one and two and I watched every episode on Hulu in a short amount of time. I was hooked on the drama and the intrigue and in fact, the over the top crazy factor. I watched season two but found that week to week, it just wasn’t as interesting to me. I didn’t live tweet about it so it didn’t have that kind of appeal. I think binge watching is the best way for me to take in Scandal. So, that’s the view I take on it. I usually wait until summer when I hit a dry patch in good TV to watch and find a TV show to catch up on and that’s Scandal for me.

But How to Get Away with Murder is a different story. I will watch that show when it airs or shortly there after. While it’s not my favorite new show of the season (black-ish takes that title), I am hooked. I am invested in the ongoing mystery, like the way that the weekly cases come back and tie in with the overall story, and enjoy seeing actors from other shows I’ve liked in this world. What’s up, Paris Gellar?

Over on CBS, I’ve already written about The Big Bang Theorywhich CBS started out on Monday nights this season. My husband and I also really like watching Elementary. Some friends told us about it during the first season and we started watching near the end of the year. I think it’s an interesting take on an old story and I like the characters. Pretty standard detective show but enjoyable.

As I mentioned above, Thursday nights for me used to be dedicated to NBC. The whole “Must See TV” lineup that they pushed for years is something I grew up with. My mom and I watched Friends and the many shows they tried after it – The Single Guy, Boston Common, Jesse, Will and Grace, Scrubs. (Some more successful than others, obviously.) In college, I started watching The Office and 30 Rock. A few years later, Parks and Recreation and Community started and those 4 shows together are some of my all time favorite series, all in one night. But the ratings weren’t great and a lot of moving around happened. While they were my favorite shows and critically acclaimed, popularity wise, they weren’t as popular as shows like TBBT. 

NBC tried a lot of new shows on Thursdays that didn’t work out and that trend continued this year. While I think A to Z is charming, I knew it wouldn’t last long in that time slot. Bad Judge wasn’t for me but I know people who have enjoyed it… odd pairing, matching those two shows up. I think they should have paired A to Z with Marry Me but alas. It looks like both A to Z and Bad Judge are canceled.

I’m crazy excited for one of my favorite shows to come back in January, Parks and Recreation. I will forever love the show that brought my beloved Chris Pratt back into my TV life after Everwood and his brief stint on the last season of The O.C. I just lurve every character on that show and I’m so sad it is ending this season. Can’t wait to see how they handle the time jump that happened at the end of last season and very excited to hear the news that dreamboat Jon Hamm will appear in more episodes.

Interested in more of this kind of dorky TV talk? Make sure to read about Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, too. 


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