fall 2014 TV roundup: Monday, Monday

We’re about a month into the fall TV season and I feel I’ve had enough time to fairly try out some new shows on the major networks and see if they’ve earned a “record series” pass on my DVR and suss out if I’m still into shows I watched in past seasons. I’m doing multiple posts to cover each day of the week since I wrote over 1,000 words just about Monday… 🙂


I’ve been watching CBS on Mondays for years because of my devotion to How I Met Your Mother. With that show gone, I’m still tuning in on Monday’s because they’ve been airing The Big Bang Theory at 8:00 PM Monday instead of 8:00 PM Thursday for the past few weeks. I didn’t watch TBBT when it started. I thought it sounded dumb, knew it was from the creator of Two and a Half Men (which I truly can’t stand) and I watched plenty of other things on Thursday.

But then it started up in syndication and I realized, hey! I kind of like this show. It seemed to have more heart than Two and a Half Men and I liked the characters more. It wasn’t my favorite but I found it enjoyable enough that I started recording episodes every week. It was never my first choice – I always chose NBC Thursday over CBS Thursday. But with the move to Monday, I didn’t have anything else to watch at 8 so if I’m home and watching TV, I’ll usually put it on live. Now that it’s going back to Thursday, I’ll just catch it on my DVR after the fact. That being said, I haven’t enjoyed the episodes this season as much as I have in the past. I am feeling more and more like the couples in relationships don’t even like each other and I don’t particularly enjoy every couple sniping and bickering at each other constantly.

Starting next week, 2 Broke Girls will return to Mondays and take TBBT slot. I stopped watching 2 Broke Girls last year. I gave it a chance and it grew on me during the first season – I have a soft spot for Kat Dennings and I was excited to have her on TV. But the other lead on that show drives me crazy, as does Jennifer Coolidge’s character, and the jokes were all the same and I just got … bored. I was watching an episode, hadn’t laughed at all and asked myself why I was still bothering to watch it. So, it went from watching it live, to catching it on my DVR, to seeing it on my DVR and deleting it without watching because I had too many other good things to watch, to canceling my series pass.

Also on CBS, I tried the first episode of Scorpion, which seems to be doing well in the ratings. I did not like it. It was kind of like The Power Rangers in a way or Captain Planet where each super smart person has a super cool specialty that helps save the day from bad guys – “I’m the nerd that likes science! I’m the nerd that’s good at math! I’m the nerd that’s basically Shawn from Psych or The Mentalist! I’m the nerd who knows about computers!” I was just feeling it was all a little much. And it ended with an insane scene where Katherine McPhee is standing through a sunroof in a car holding a laptop up to a low flying airplane and I was just like… I get that the guy who made the latest Fast and the Furious movies is behind this show but this is too much. If you’re going to go Fast and Furious, go full blown. Those movies are fun. This show was not. Maybe it was just a rough pilot but I haven’t been inspired to try and watch more episodes yet.

I used to watch Bones on Mondays on Fox but I stopped watching that, too. (Man, I sound like a quitter.) Just like TBBT, I was not a Bones watcher at all when it first aired or during the first … five? … seasons. Then we got Netflix Streaming. A year or two ago, I decided to give an episode of Bones a chance and next thing you know, I’ve marathoned through most of the series on Netflix. When the new season started last fall, I set the DVR to record (episodes were on Friday nights there for awhile, I wasn’t watching those real time). I don’t know if I ever watched Bones real time, even when they moved back to Mondays. The only episode I watched live was the season premiere this year – and that’s when I decided I was done with watching Bones. SPOILER ALERT….

[I can’t believe that they killed off Sweets! He was the best part of that show and honestly, I have no interest in watching it without him so I canceled my series pass.]

Anyway, also like TBBT, Bones is now on Thursdays apparently. Lots of schedule flip flopping.

My new favorite Monday show is on a network I never watch – The CW. Jane the Virgin.

I had read good reviews of Jane the Virgin but I couldn’t believe it: a comedy? On the CW? With that title? And it was actually good?

skeptical face.

But guess what, guys? IT IS SO GOOD! It fills the hole that Ugly Betty left in my heart. It’s funny and sweet but there’s drama and intrigue too – and, shock of all shocks, it’s acted well. There’s no painful acting to ignore or weak links in the cast. It’s great.

I had one of those “Oh my God, who IS that guy? I know him!” moments when I saw Justin Baldoni as one of the lead characters, which reminded me that I had a similar moment when I saw him in a tiny part on Happy Endings … how do I know this face? And the realization that I know his face because I watched a video of his insane and hilarious and tear jerking proposal to his now wife on YouTube multiple times. You should watch it. Anyway, I’m happy that he is now on a good TV show because he seems like a cool dude.

I haven’t actually watched Jane live or even recorded on my DVR yet because I’m trying out Hulu Plus for the fall TV onslaught. I’ve watched both episodes on Hulu Plus but I’m going to add it my series record list at home ASAP.

And that’s it for Monday.

Sorry, Grandma. I still don’t watch that Dancing with the Stars“. (She literally asks me this every time we talk and when I tell her I never have, still don’t, she fills me in on her favorites. This season apparently it’s some girl from Duck Dynasty.)


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