HGTV drinking game.

I love HGTV. I watch it constantly. I find it focuses much more on homes than gardens but there are a few good yard makeover shows. It hasn’t given me a green thumb or helped with our unruly yard at all yet but I’ve learned a lot from HGTV that was super helpful during our house hunting process, like:

  1. Hire a good inspector. I’ve seen too many people get burned on Holmes on Homes and Holmes Inspection by things their inspector should have caught.

    He DOES totally look like Mr. Clean! Thanks internet.
  2. Mike Holmes also taught me that any stairs 3 steps or more should have a hand rail. We had to fix that in our own house.
  3. It costs a lot of money to do the kinds of renovations they show on Property Brothers. Don’t look for a fixer upper unless Drew and Jonathan are going to roll up and help manage the project because my husband and I are not handy enough to do it ourselves.
  4. Don’t focus on the paint or wallpaper when touring houses. That’s a typical Property Virgins mistake, getting hung up on something that is easy to change.
  5. From all of the renovation shows, where they make over an older house, I’ve learned that older homes mean you need to be more aware and look out for things like lead paint, asbestos and cracks in the foundation.

The home decor side of HGTV has also helped me shape my interior decorator tastes, which came in handy when making our house like our home.

That being said, it also drives me bananas. You could easily create a drinking game out of how predictable these shows are – so let’s do that, shall we? Get ready to get tipsy.

Take a drink whenever… 

  • Hilary can’t afford to do everything on the homeowner’s wish list and they get mad. (Love It or List It)
  • Hilary says Fergus. (LIOLI)
  • If you watch more than one episode back to back, drink if Desta’s hair is different from one episode to the next. (LIOLI)
  • David shows the homeowners a house over their budget. (LIOLI)
  • The homeowners argue outside. (LIOLI)

  • Tarek and Christina’s daughter is featured in the episode. (Flip or Flop)
  • Tarek is absolutely shocked that renovations are costing more than they originally expected. (FOF)
  • Christina wants to add granite in the kitchen and bathrooms. (FOF)
  • They decide to paint the walls in shades of grey or taupe. (FOF)
  • Tarek wants to list the house way above the comps in the neighborhood and Christina isn’t sure about it but they do it anyway. (FOF)
Seriously, check out this tumblr:
  • Any of the following are uttered: man cave, stainless steel, hardwood floors, “I don’t like carpet” (House Hunters)
  • A childless couple says a 5+ bedroom house might not be “big enough” (HH)
  • Someone says the house “needs some updating” or talks about other projects they would need to tackle. (HH)
  • The house hunter ends up choosing the wrong house. You know which one is the wrong house – it’s different than the one you picked for them! (HH)

  • Jonathan designs an open concept floor plan. (Property Brothers)
  • The homeowners help with the demolition. (PB)
  • Drew makes a joke about how much he helped with the reno. (PB)
  • Jonathan wears flannel or Drew wears a tie. (PB)
  • The finished product includes a chandelier that looks like this:

If you follow these rules during a weekend marathon of any of these shows, you’re going to be sloshed so be responsible! Don’t drink and operate heavy machinery or a sledgehammer, no matter how inspired you get to tear down that (probably load-bearing) wall to create an open concept space in your house. It’s not a good idea.


2 thoughts on “HGTV drinking game.

  1. Funnily enough I recently read a post on about another HGTV drinking game. Whenever you hear the words OPEN CONCEPT you have to drink. Reading your post I had to drink for that. Now I have to drink for this! Great post. I love HGTV too. We don’t have an equivalent tv ‘happy place’ in Australia, we rely on HGTV. And the subsequent drinking games. I think I live in the wrong country! Great post!

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