pop culture that makes me cry.

I was listening to the Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast today and they discussed pop culture that made them cry. I’m an emotional person. It doesn’t take much to make me all teary eyed. I’m my mother’s daughter. The ongoing joke with my family is that she cried during “Catch that Kid”.

So, I come by it honestly. I regularly get a little misty eyed during commercials, heartwarming moments during comedies and if the music swells just right in movies. Here are clips of 10 particularly memorable movies, TV shows and news stories that have made me cry, sad and happy tears. Some of these things I love love love, some just hit me at the right moment and got to me. In no particular order:

That’s not even to mention the books and songs and real life things that make me sob like a baby. 

Thanks a lot PCHH, now I’m all sniffly and have to go to do laundry. Good night.


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