If I Had $5,000 (from World Market)

1. Dillon Ladder Bookshelf, $139.99. 2. Double Door Apothecary Media Stand, $399.99. 3. Natural 5-Drawer Preston Table, $169.99. 4. Amber Velvet Throw Pillow, $9.99. 5. Oyster Harper Banquette, $429.99. 6. Gray-Velvet Throw Pillow, $9.99. 7. Marcelle Tufted Ottoman, $199.99. 8. Yellow Bahari Flat-Woven Wool Rug, various sizes $49.99 – $839.99. 9. Teal Tatum Throw, $124.99.
10. Gray Chenille Nina Chair, $149.99. 11. Turquoise Painted Wooden Knobs, $7.98. 12. Linen Lydia Dining Chairs, $219.98. 13. Owl Cookie Jars, $25.98. 14. Amber Jaipur Destinations Candle, $9.99. 15. Large Teal Kamali Tabletop Lantern, $19.99. 16. Nose Eyeglass Holder, $5.99. 17. Pacific Lydia Dining Chairs, $219.98. 18. Highlands Napkins, Set of 4, $12.76.

Guys, I love World Market. I can’t wait until we buy a house that we can decorate with grown-up things, instead of our current apartment full of hand-me-downs and some wedding gifts thrown in there randomly.

I saw on Facebook that they were running the “Spruce Up Your Space” sweepstakes to give away a $5,000 gift card. Jackpot. The last day to enter was yesterday so I’m glad I got in under the wire. It got me thinking about how I’d use that money.

We’re house hunting right now for our first non-apartment place. An important part of checking these houses out is thinking about how we’d place furniture and decorate in each room, incorporating what we have now and new things.

The last house that we saw and liked had a nice front living room that connected to the dining room. When decorating, I’d want to keep the same colors in both rooms to keep it cohesive. Using the color palette of cream, grey, amber yellow and teal, I picked pieces out that I could use in the living room and for our dining table.

This painting that we already own (wedding gift) would look great on a grey wall, hung above a fireplace.



WIth all of the fun World Market buys, it would really tie the room together.

I realize that my picks above wouldn’t add up to the $5,000 total. But have you ever been to World Market? I could spend that extra money in a snap because I want just about everything in the store. I’d scoop up jewelry, scented soaps, fun printed towels, sheet sets, pumpkin spice anything, something to remind us of our honeymoon, and a comfy bed for Captain Boots. She’d love it. Andy would stock up on coffee, beer variety packs and maybe splurge on some fancy stick-on mustaches.


How would you spend $5,000 at World Market?


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