the soundtrack of my life, part II: high school and beyond

  1. Madonna – Like a Prayer 
    NDA Classic. Mandatory for a high school mix.
  2. Blink-182 – All the Small Things 
    My favorite band in high school and they still hold up pretty well. The video sums up the era perfectly.
  3. ‘N Sync – Digital Getdown 
    Oh, ‘N Sync. Mom, Sarah, Harley and I stood in line at Media Play at midnight to get their CD. I still have their Disney channel concert on VHS tape somewhere. Saw them in concert twice. And this particular version of “Digital Getdown” is from their HBO concert special. We didn’t pay for HBO but they aired this during a free preview weekend – score. It’s so ridiculous yet so catchy.
  4. Backstreet Boys – All I Have to Give (Conversation Mix) 
    Speaking of RIDICULOUS, this is one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever heard. Kevin Richardson saying, “No diggity” seriously gets me every time. Reminds me of driving aimlessly around Toledo with Amber in high school.
  5. Bon Jovi – Livin’ On A Prayer 
    Some songs remind you of certain people. This is for Ro. We made a pretty rocking video to this at After Prom Junior year. Wish I knew where that was.
  6. Jason Mraz – The Remedy (I Won’t Worry) 
    Couldn’t have a soundtrack of my life without Mraz. Amber and I met him senior year, Mother’s Day 2003 to be precise, at Headliners in Toledo. I’ve seen him in concert… 7 times since. Maybe 8. Once in the UK. Fantastic live. 57_510031470984_8515_n
  7. Dirty Dancing soundtrack – Time of My Life 
    Love this movie, forever. In college, I had a cake with Baby and Johnny on it for my birthday. Jealous? 72_510033447024_7101_n
  8. Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz – Get Low 
    College. Period.
  9. Mamma Mia soundtrack – Take a Chance on Me 
    Brigette and Leslie had an early morning class together freshman year at EMU. They would come back from class and wake me up in the dorm by blasting the Mamma Mia soundtrack and serenading me, usually climbing up into my loft to sing me awake. Best alarm clocks ever.
  10. Switchfoot – Dare You to Move 
    We were at Leslie’s house the summer after freshman year of college. We all piled into Linda’s old red van that I was driving around – me, Leslie, Kurt, Craig, Melissa, Laura, Leah, Jason and randomly, I think Arene? Kurt was controlling the radio and announced that he was going to find Switchfoot, our song of the summer. He flipped around stations and within 30 seconds, landed on the very opening notes of this song and that is one moment I will never forget. The car exploded we were all so excited, we turned it up so loud and rolled the windows down and everyone screamed every word.
  11. John Mayer – Sucker 
    My favorite JM song and it was never released. I’m pretty sure it was this song that got Melissa, Laura and I front row tickets to see Mr. Mayer when the ‘Ticket Fairy’ stopped us at the Palace of Auburn Hills and asked where we were sitting and our favorite John Mayer songs and gave us the upgrade of a lifetime. FRONT ROW! 104_510033641634_2366_n
  12. Hanson – Crazy/Beautiful 
    I have been to many Jason Mraz concerts but I’ve been to almost as many Hanson shows because of Melissa White. I went from only going to the first one because she’s my best friend and didn’t have anyone to go with to actually really digging Hanson and how much fun their live concerts are. I know, you are probably thinking “MmmmBop” was all they did but they are touring machines and put out new music almost every year. We go to their shows and dance and sing and occasionally walk around barefoot and have an awesome time. Here’s Melissa and Zac Hanson after a show at the Cleveland House of Blues in college: 197360_510544582704_8461_n
  13. The Swell Season – When Your Mind’s Made Up 
    Glen Hansard is the most passionate performer I’ve ever seen. This song gives me chills. Sarah and I went to Chicago to see The Swell Season and it was beautiful.
  14. Calvin Harris – Feel So Close 
    Andy and I made our entrance at our reception to this song and it’s my jam.
  15. Lisa Hannigan – An Ocean and a Rock 
    Our first dance. To practice, we looked up videos of basic dance moves on YouTube and danced around our bedroom the weeks leading up to the wedding. 🙂 IMG_7146
  16. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Home    (The embedding doesn’t seem to want to stick so just in case:

Alison made this video for us as a wedding gift. I watched it the morning of the wedding, as I was getting ready and it was the first time I cried on my wedding day. It’s amazing and she’s crazy talented and it makes me tear up every time I watch it.

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Honorable Mentions:


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