austin television festival 2013: recap, day two

Saturday June 8th

10:00 AM: ‘$5.15/Hour’ 

America Ferrera!

12:00 PM: ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’

Comedy Bang! Bang!
Scott Aukerman and CBB head writer during Q & A

2:00 PM: ‘Parenthood’: The Panel

Happy Birthday Mae Whitman!
Credit: ONTD (ohnotheydidnt)

3:30 PM: ‘Veronica Mars’: A TV show… No, wait, a movie!

Chris Lowell and Rob Thomas
Martin Starr
Martin Starr came to the ‘Veronica Mars’ panel
The Melissas meet Rob Thomas… not Matchbox 20 Rob Thomas.

We decided that we were in Texas and barbecue was a necessity so we asked for a recommendation of the best BBQ in walking distance and found Stubb’s. Oh my goodness. Ah-mazing. And then I came back to town, go to Giant Eagle for groceries and discover that Stubb’s sauces and rubs are now sold here in Cleveland! But we had the real deal, in Austin:


After dinner, we couldn’t move for awhile so we relaxed in our hotel until about 9:00…

9:00 PM: Closing Night Party

Being at a party with at least 40 people who have an IMDB page is weird but also really awesome.

Fun facts and observations: Brittany Snow dates ‘Teen Wolf’/Martin from ‘7th Heaven’. He came to ATX Fest just to support her. Very cute. Vanessa Lengies walked around the party in a baseball cap and still looked adorable. Martin Starr hung out with Teddy Geiger for most of the night. Teddy Geiger was wearing basketball shorts. Also, Teddy Geiger was there.

Later that night, he inspired Melissa and I to dig up the reality competition from MTV in 2005/2006 ‘Miss Seventeen’ because he was involved in one of their missions.

Lucas Neff from ‘Raising Hope’ is a huge stoner. He left the party for a bit and when he returned, he reeked of weed so strongly, that everywhere he walked, you could see people sniffing, trying to figure out who smelled like weed. Matt Lauria from ‘Friday Night Lights’ and ‘Parenthood’ has an adorably bohemian wild haired hippie chick wife and they were inseparable. Arielle Krebbel (‘John Tucker Must Die’) can really pull off a fedora. Tim Doyle (mentioned in my last post – writer for ‘Roseanne’, ‘Dinosaurs’) is the kind of guy who probably talked to every person at that party. He talked to Melissa and I for awhile about where we were from, what we did, print vs. digital, etc… I stood next to Joshua Malina from ‘Scandal’, which I didn’t start watching until after I got back from ATX Fest. Spotted at least 2 guys that I know were ‘famous’ because fans were approaching and one guy took a picture with these girls who seemed excited but I have NO CLUE who they were. Maybe from ‘Low Winter Sun’ or that other AMC show I don’t watch?

The guy from ‘Royal Pains’ (and the cutie husband Simon in ‘In Her Shoes’) seemed friendly. I stood next to Sarah Ramos from ‘Parenthood’ and ‘American Dreams’ at the bar:

2013-06-08 22.57.43

(Too tired to keep writing, time for bed for me! Maybe I’ll finish writing about this …. eventually. 🙂 )


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