mall madness.


part two of the soundtrack of my life will be coming in the next few days. up first: sharing my awesome haul from the ridiculous shopping spree i’ve been on the past week. 

i’ll preface this by saying that i’m not normally a big shopper. and even now, you’ll see that i’m a bargain hunter, prefer stores like Target over department stores and use gift cards where i can. it was my birthday a few weeks ago. i received a few gift cards, some cash and then i just decided to treat myself. because …YOLO? ugh, sorry, i hate myself for saying that. here, watch this to make up for it: 

here we go:


Old Navy



Vera Bradley

  • Frannie purse, in Jazzy Blooms (For my birthday, they sent me a coupon to get $20 off any purchase in May so the purse was only $9!)



Barnes & Noble

I haven’t decided just yet but I’m also thinking about splurging on: 

Enough of this economy boosting and wallet depleting breakdown for now. Time for Mad Men!


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